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14 Day Detox

Detoxification is an important part of health and healing, and can have a direct link with diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Here we will work with 2 phases of a detox:

Phase 1 – the liver breaking down toxins into smaller components, allowing them to be setup for further metabolism.
Phase 2 – the actual detoxification process whereby toxins are metabolised into simpler substances and eliminated from the body.
We will offer an initial phone/zoom consultation to explain the detox package, what you will need to begin your detox and the benefits of detoxing in regards to weight loss and gut health.
2 x Follow up phone consultations will review how your 14 day detox is going, where we can make modifications to ensure you get the most out of it and what to do when you have completed your 14 day detox.



Benefits of the 14 day detox:

Boosts your energy

Helps with weight loss

Stronger immune system

Rids the body of excess waste

Improved digestion

Can reduce inflammation

Clearer thinking

Healthier hair and skin




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