Refuel Fitness and Nutrition highlights the importance of nutrition and the effects poor nutrition can have on your regime, body composition and overall wellbeing.


We aim to eliminate potential dietary hazards that cause setbacks and work towards reconnecting with your signals of hunger and fullness, relationships with food, eating and the body and being able to eat the foods you enjoy. Eating a balanced diet is vital for optimal health, both physically and mentally. Food provides our bodies with the energy, protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals to live, grow and function properly.

We have a number of health packages available below however if you are unsure what might be best for you, either book in a consultation or give me a call. We work with your GP and a Molecular Geneticist on all DNA and GUT reports, as well as refer you as needed to ensure your health needs are met appropriately. 

Do you struggle with:

Eating in a way that is enjoyable and delicious?

Lacking in energy during your daily routine?

Feeling like you don’t have control around certain foods?

Feeling unhappy with your body and your weight?

Balancing your diet and finding a long term healthy eating pattern?


Initial Consultation

AUD$ 100
  • 45 Minute Session

Follow up consultation

AUD$ $75
  • 30 Minute Session

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